First Aid At Work (FAW)


The First Aid at Work course is designed for people aged 16+ who work in high risk environments, such as construction or manufacturing. This course teaches trainees how to treat someone who is unresponsive, choking, bleeding, burnt, suffering from shock, having a seizure or suffering from a head injury. It also covers medical emergencies such as heart attacks, strokes, asthma attacks, and anaphylactic shock. The course also includes important information on dealing with an emergency, such as assessing an incident, helping and monitoring a casualty, and getting further help.

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23rd October, 2019 09:00AM 25th October, 2019 04:30PM £220.00 + Google Calendar
28th October, 2019 09:00AM 28th October, 2019 12:00PM £60.00 + Google Calendar
6th November, 2019 09:00AM 8th November, 2019 04:30PM £220.00 + Google Calendar
19th November, 2019 09:00AM 21st November, 2019 04:30PM £220.00 + Google Calendar
27th November, 2019 09:00AM 27th November, 2019 12:00PM £60.00 + Google Calendar
2nd December, 2019 09:00AM 4th December, 2019 04:30PM £220.00 + Google Calendar
6th December, 2019 09:00AM 6th December, 2019 12:00PM £60.00 + Google Calendar
16th December, 2019 09:00AM 18th December, 2019 04:30PM £220.00 + Google Calendar
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